“Putting Faith to Work” and why we need YOU in the Community Conversation, “All Play and No Work”

Last year, the National Collaborative on Faith and Disability released a guide called, Putting Faith to Work: A Guide for Congregation and Communities on Connecting Job Seekers with Disabilities to Meaningful Employment.  I was immediately struck with the realization that not only was my own daughter (who has a disability) transitioning soon to life beyond school, but there are hundreds and hundreds of people affected by disability in our community that cannot find any work or volunteer opportunities. The Putting Faith to Work Project ignited in me an excitement to invite our faith communities to go beyond what they offer for inclusion efforts in their congregations on the weekends and envision how faith communities can have an impact on “the other six days” for persons who live with disability.

The opening letter in the guide states this invitation beautifully; “The Putting Faith to Work project empowers faith communities to support people with disabilities as they find and maintain employment aligned with their gifts, passions and skills. This pathway to work is forged by tapping into the person network, creativity, and commitment existing within any congregations. Faith communities have a wonderful opportunity to enhance the lives of many people with disabilities, their families and their communities by helping people find meaningful jobs, assume valued roles, and shared their talents with other.”

On Friday, May 18, 2018, Faith Inclusion Network, in partnership with Eggleston Services, Enoch Baptist Church and NAMI Virginia Beach will be offering an opportunity to discuss the topic of employment and disability at the Community Conversation and Networking Event entitled, “All Play and No Work”.

If you or your faith community are looking for a way to begin or develop your efforts to supports individuals and families affected by disability in a unique and forward-thinking way, I encourage you to join us on May 18 learn not only what our community has to offer right now in terms of employment for those affected by disability, but also how you and your congregation could make a life changing impact on a persons who just wants to have the opportunity to contribute and use their gifts.

Hope to see you there!


Karen Jackson

Executive Director

Faith Inclusion Network