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Sharing our story…thank you CBN!

In February, 2015, the book Loving Samantha was published.  This was truly a project born out of love and a desire to bring hope to other parents raising children with autism and special needs.  Through what I am convinced is God-ordained meetings and events, Dawn Goeb with CBN found me and asked for a copy of my book.  In a few weeks, the story will air on the 700 Club.  I am in awe of God’s perfect timing and the amazing journey He continues to lead me on with Samantha and my work in faith and disability advocacy.  Praise God!

0261f76a893b31c2cece8e2cb60b551aI drove into the beautiful Regent University campus and found a parking spot in front of the impressive CBN building. I was just stopping in to give Dawn Goeb pictures to scan of my daughter Samantha. She wanted them to use for an upcoming show to be aired on the 700 Club.

The CBN story about disability inclusion, Faith Inclusion Network, my book Loving Samantha and our family has been a long time in the making. Our first interview with Charlene Aaron was last June, when the crew from CNB come to our house, pushed back the furniture in my living room and set up shop. It was a long but fun morning.

Dawn Goeb, Charlene Aaron in front of my home, June 2015.

As sometimes happens, our story got pushed aside to make room for more pressing news events. I occasionally wondered if it would be used, but didn’t think about it much, to be honest.

A few weeks ago, Dawn contacted me again with the news that the network was ready to proceed. The first order of business was to tape a short segment at the McDonald’s near the Granby St. Bridge in Norfolk. In Loving Samantha, I wrote a story about my experience with Samantha at just this McDonald’s restaurant.

The story is called “No Words Needed” and describes how Samantha reached out, in her own way, to a man who was homeless. Dawn’s idea to film at the site almost brought tears to my eyes. To think that one moment, that one story which happened so many years ago would be shared today? Amazing!

And so, I was now making my way into the massive CBN building, kind of excited because I have never been in there before. The building itself is quite beautiful and grand, with giant columns on the outside and an ornate lobby. But what really impressed me were the people inside. As Dawn and I made our way upstairs, we encountered half a dozen people who worked in various areas. Without exception, from the receptionist, to the janitor, to the sound and production people we met, everyone greeted me warmly and stopped what they were doing to engage in conversation. As Dawn introduced me over and over again, they asked about me, my interests and my story and had all sorts of questions. I have never felt so warmly welcomed and appreciated in a new place in all of my life. What a wonderful, uplifting experience!
Now I am more excited than ever to see the show that Dawn has put together. Not just because it will be an awesome way of bringing awareness to the mission of Faith Inclusion Network, but because so many caring and compassionate people from CBN were a part of it.
Thank you to Dawn, Charlene Aaron and all the people at CBN with a heart to share stories like those of my family and the work of FIN. Stay tuned for air times…..
K. Jackson