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That All May Worship-2013 Conference updates

The excitement is building as we prepare for our 3rd bi-annual faith and disabilities conference on March 14-15, 2013.  You can register for this event at  Here are a few exciting updates:

1. In addition to hearing author Mark Pinsky speak on Thursday evening, March 14, we have also invited contributors to Mark’s book, “Amazing Gifts” to be a part of the evening program. To date we have Rabbi Lynn Landsberg from Washington DC (chapter 27), Monica Masiko of Virginia Beach,(chapter 58), and Caroline McGraw from Alabama, (chapter 56) confirmed to join us. All three of these wonderful people have beautiful stories to share and much to contribute to our conference.

2. Faith and disabilities resources will be plentiful with confirmation to attend our conference from the following national organizations:

Friendship Ministries-
Special Hope Network-
Joni and Friends Ministry- (Charlotte, NC)
L’Arche Communities-

3. FIN has been blessed by having …