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God’s Calling for Samantha

God’s Calling for Samantha
Listening Inspires Others
Samantha’s Origin & Meaning:
A Hebrew girl name. The meaning of the name is `Listens well, Told by God`.
Have you ever been in a place where you felt called to go but did not know for what purpose?  I have; in fact, it was just last Thursday.  My friend, Karen, sent out an e-mail for a support group for parents with children with disabilities.  It is called Living in Holland.  I was not really sure why I felt called to go.  I thought maybe there was a parent that I could help or talk about Capernaum.  I was really nervous on the ride there and wanted to turn around and go home because I thought I was not going to fit in.  After all, I am not a parent.
When I arrived, I saw my friend Samantha.  Karen and Samantha come to Norfolk Capernaum sometimes.  However, when …