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How I Overcame my Disability

It doesn’t matter how old we are or what kind of disability we might have. We are still made in God’s image. Going to the Beth Sholom nursing home has shown me that there are lots of different kinds of disabilities. Some of the people have mental, and others physical, illnesses.
But they are all people. They all have souls. They all have hearts. They can all feel happy or sad.
Being a volunteer is part of how I have grown up. I’ve shown my parents that I can be more independent by going to the nursing home. I get there on my own, most days. I take the Handi-Ride.
I myself have learned life lessons from my visits to the Beth Sholom Home. Going to the nursing home has taught me to slow down around the elderly people. I have to go at the elderly peoples’ paces. I listen to their …