Monthly Archives: October 2009

A Place to Call Home

Hand in hand, we slip as quietly as possible into the sanctuary to receive  communion at the Saturday evening Mass. First, we stop at the baptismal font to bless ourselves. I carefully guide my daughter’s hand into the warm Holy Water and, hand over hand; help her to make the sign of the cross.
Next is the more difficult part. We file in behind members of the congregation to walk down the aisle and receive communion. She makes a little noise here and there, but tries to be patient. It is almost our turn.
When she makes it up to our Pastor, she glances up quickly and then gazes away just as quickly, holding her hand up for the Eucharist. Although we have practiced many times, she rarely says the expected “Amen “after receiving communion, but our Pastor smiles anyway. He knows, as do I and many people in our parish, …