Monthly Archives: March 2008

No Words Needed

My daughter and I had just finished a successful, (meaning NO major behavior problems) trip to a new doctor’s office.  This was cause to celebrate since she has autism; a pervasive developmental disorder that, in her case, significantly effects communication and behavior.  Our celebration meant a late lunch at one of our local McDonald Restaurants and my daughter, who is mostly non-verbal, was clearly pleased.
We know all the local McDonalds very well, seeing as French fries are a favorite food.  We got out of the car in the parking lot, stretched from our long ride and headed enthusiastically into the restaurant.
My daughter began to follow her established routine, which is to head directly into the bathroom.  I knew exactly where she was going because she never deviates from this plan.  Like most people with autism, she makes sense of her confusing world by setting up her own predictable schedules.
Today was …