Our goal is to connect people with disabilities and their families to faith communities that are welcoming and genuinely want to include everyone.
We also want to help faith communities become more inclusive by connecting them with resources and providing networking opportunities at conferences and meetings throughout the year.
Letter from the Director
Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Faith Inclusion Network of Hampton Roads, VA website. Here we hope you will find local and national resources, a listing of local inclusive faith communities you may like to visit and inspiration in your efforts to include people with disabilities into the life of your congregations. Whatever or whoever brings you to this site, we hope to help you in some way to learn more about faith inclusion and perhaps even encourage you to become a part of our active, interfaith, non-profit organization.

During this time of social distancing and keeping safe, we recognize that as an organization, we need to think outside the box in order to continue to help and support our community. We are in the process of scheduling some carefully construed in person events as well virtual gatherings and presentations via Zoom. In fact, our bi-annual faith and disability conference, now re-named, “Community for ALL” will be held in February as a hybrid in-person and virtual conference. (February 26, 2021). Keep up on events via our monthly newsletter (email us to be added to our list) and Facebook page.

We, of course, are still available to consult on issues of faith and disability inclusion and encourage you to reach out as we all figure out ways to stay connected, especially with those in our communities affected by disability.

Karen Jackson
Executive Director, FIN
Michelle Munger
Associate Director, FIN


Faith Inclusion Network Membership

In January, 2017, FIN established our first formal membership circles to help support and sustain the work of the organization. Thank you to all our Friends and Family Circle Members as well as those who support at the Inspiration ($100-$499), Partner ($500-$999) and Visionary Circle Levels ($1000+).

Visionary Circle

Christian Psychotherapy Services
Second Presbyterian Church, Norfolk
Anonymous Donor
Finch, Leslie and Chip
Masters, Mana

Partners Circle

Foster, Elizabeth and David
Hoy Construction
SPRED Partners of VA

Inspiration Circle

Alberti, Deborah
Beagle, Bill and Linda
Cooper, Chris and Tom
Gaventa, Bill
Hazelette, Beth
Jackson, Karen and Scott
McClellan, Andria
Puryear, Gray and Sharon
Soper, John
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
West, Angela
White, Dale and Diane

Family and Friends Circle

Ashby, Kay
Ashton, Jean
Bohrer, Karen
Braden, Anita
Buccieri, Kathleen
Braswell, Gail
Cook, Christopher
Curley, Sharonda
Doyle, Rachel
Drucker, Sheila
Eich, Suzanne
Fast, Mary
Harrison, Greta
Harroff, Brian
Hecht, Gray and Muriel
Hughes, Rosemarie
Jones, William
Kahler, Angela
LeClaire, Kim
Lydick, Susan

Mzur, Claudia
McGuckian, Eileen and Adele
McMahon, Renu
Moorman, Katie and Rich
Munger, Michelle
Pratt, Maureen
Rhodes, Tina
Rosenblum, Barbara
Rosie, Lori
Scanlon, Leslie
Smith, Christopher
Soniat, Renee
Tabb, Steward
Thomas, Kathi and Douglas, Mark
Victor, Shannon
Wansink, Rev. Craig
Weber, Leslie
Wilkinson, Wendy
Winkworth, Anne
Winter, Jody

For more information on how to become a member and the benefits,
go to our Membership Page.