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We help individuals with disabilities to be included in the service. We teach them the Word of God so they can grow in their faith.

Enoch Baptist Church
5641 Herbert Moore Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Office Phone: 757-552-0620
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Debbie Reynolds
FIA Phone: 757-955-1395
FIA Email:

We are an inclusive parish that hopes to make everyone feel welcome. Our building is accessible for people with disabilities. We offer amplifiers for the hearing impaired to use during Liturgy. We offer Faith Formation Classes through an inclusion class program as well as individualized instructions to people with special needs desiring to receive sacraments through a one-on-one religious education program.

Church of the Ascension
4853 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Office Phone: 757-495-1886
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Angela Kahlor
FIA Phone: 757-409-2122
FIA Email:

We are an inclusive parish, trying to make all feel welcome. We provide accommodations as needed for both children and adults to participate fully in our parish. Please contact Susie or Alfie for more information and how we can help you worship without barriers.
We also host The Chosen Ministry, a non-denominational Christian ministry for persons with disabilities of all ages. We meet the first 3 Mondays of each month, 6:30-8pm, during the school year, for socializing, playing games, praise and worship, and sharing God’s Word. Please contact Susie Stefonowich for more information.

Church of the Holy Family
1279 North Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach 23454
Office Phone: 757-481-5702
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Susie Stefonowich,
Parish Advocate, (C) 757-342-8540
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Alfie Martinez Coyle
FIA Emaio:

Soaking Prayer Service- Prayer time with God through Christian songs that will refresh, renew and revive your spiritual life. Join us and be with Him for an hour every 3rd Monday of the month at 1:00pm in the chapel.

Church of St. Gregory the Great
5345 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach 23462-1896
Office Phone: 757-497-8330
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Sue Bucher, Social Justice and Pastoral
Care Ministries Director and Parish Nurse
FIA Phone: 757-497-8330 ext. 303
FIA Email:
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Susan Perron, Parish Advocate, 757-499-9718

We provide a religious education program for children with special needs called “Children of Light”. The program emphasizes each child’s individual strengths and the gifts that they share. The Children of Light Program serves children in elementary through middle school. Each student is paired with appropriate educational resources based upon their individual needs. Children receive services in the regular classroom setting with a special teacher assistant (inclusion), small self-contained classes or individual instruction for sacramental years.

Saint John the Apostle Catholic Church
1968 Sandbridge Road, Virginia Beach 23456
Office Phone: 757-426-2180
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): John Domingo, Director of Education
FIA Email:


Saint Nicholas Catholic Church
712 Little Neck Rd., Virginia Beach 23452
Office Phone: 757-340-7321
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Kathy Buccieri
FIA Phone: 757-778-3238
FIA Email:

Our facility is handicapped accessible, with elevator access to all floors and seating in church for scooters or wheelchairs. We have assisted-hearing devices available and hard copies of the sermon are provided upon request. We run a comprehensive healing prayer ministry and a very active Mental Wellness ministry.

Galilee Episcopal Church
3928 Pacific Ave., Virginia Beach 23451
Office Phone: 757-428-3573
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Tommie Cubine
FIA Phone: 203-240-9364
FIA Email:

We are an inclusive church with a handicapped accessible building. Residents of 3 group homes are members of our congregation. Those with physical and intellectual challenges fully participate in all aspects of ministry and worship. Christian Formation classes use material from Friendship Ministries so that everyone participates and grows in their faith together.

Good Samaritan Episcopal Church
848 Baker Rd., Virginia Beach 23462
Office Phone: 757-497-0729
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Margery Howell
FIA Email:

Episcopal/Roman Catholic
We are an Episcopal/Roman Catholic Church Community. We are the only such community in the United States. Our vision of Choosing love over separation; Unity over division; Choosing Christ above all things; has led us to be uniquely open in reaching out to all individuals. We don’t have a specific program for those living with disabilities, as they are incorporated into all phases of our community – altar servers and choir members to integrated youth and adult Christian formation programs. This is a community that looks after its members – lending an arm to someone unsteady on his/her feet, guiding another living with Alzheimers or patiently listening to the young adult with Cerebral Palsy formulate a prayer.

Church of the Holy Apostles
1593 Lynnhaven Pkwy.
Virginia Beach, VA 23453
Office Phone: 757-427-0963
Office email:
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Kay Ashby
FIA Phone: 757-285-8362
FIA Email:

Our community attempts to welcome all Jews and their families (whether traditional or non-traditional in makeup), as well as those interested in learning more about Judaism. We try to embrace Jewish diversity in all its forms. Our facilities are accessible to those with mobility difficulties.

Temple Emanuel
424 25th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Office Phone Number: 757-428-2591
Office Email:
Faith Inclusion Advocates (FIAs):
Rabbi Marc Kraus & Paula Krukin Levy

Currently, we do not have our own facilities; however, we do rent a room at Bayside Baptist Church that is completely handicap accessible–ramps, elevators, and handicapped bathroom facilities are present and functioning.

Tikvat Israel of Virginia Beach
utilizes space at
Bayside Baptist Church
1920 Pleasure House Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

P.O. Box 65544
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23467
Office phone: (757) 200-8797
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Melissa Taylor, Secretary
FIA Email:

AGAPE is a Sunday school class for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Participants from the community and group homes come to attend Sunday school and worship services.

Community United Methodist Church
1072 Old Kempsville Road
Virginia Beach, 23707
Office Phone: 757-495-1021
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Janette Clavez
Director of Christian Education
FIA Email:

We welcome all people, of all ages, with all levels of abilities. Accommodations are made in children’s and adult education programs as necessary. All opportunities within the church are open to all. All areas of the church and education wings are accessible, with a generous amount of handicapped parking. For the hard of hearing, we offer a hearing loop system. Hearing Aid wearers with a “T” (telecoil) setting can hear the service through your hearing aid from anywhere you sit in the sanctuary. A portable receiver and headset is available from any usher.

We are a Stephen Ministry church, with confidential, pastoral caregivers available to those 18 and over. We also repair manual wheelchairs and adult tricycles at no cost at Potter’s House, our outreach ministry. Click here for more information on The Stephen Ministry at Virginia Beach United Methodist.

Virginia Beach United Methodist Church
212 19th Street
Virginia Beach 23451
Office Phone: 757-428-7727
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Rosemarie Hughes
FIA Email:

Valuing Individuals-Nurturing Everyone’s Spirit (VINES) is for individuals with special needs and promotes socialization, faith sharing and fun. We meet every other Tuesday, 6:30-8:00 pm. Please contact Bob & Pam Bolt to find out our next meeting date. We would love for you to join us.

Vineyard Community Church
4444 Expressway Dr.
Virginia Beach, 23452
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Bob & Pam Bolt
FIA Phone: 757-685-9257

We believe every child has been created by God and can know Him. For children with special physical or mental challenges who need individual assistance in order to fully participate, every effort is made to connect each child with a Buddy who will assist him or her during programming. This is a deliberate process, taking into consideration the needs of the child and concerns of the parents in order to make the best match between each child and Buddy. Due to this process, it may be necessary for a family to wait until just the right volunteer is found. Services on Sundays, 9:00 am, 11:00 am, and 5:00 pm.

Grace Bible Church
2956 Ansol Ln., Virginia Beach, 23452
Office Phone: 757-496-5700
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Krissy Urich

Our mission is to know Jesus and make Him known. We believe the first step to find salvation in Christ is to HEAR the message and believe. This is why interpretation for the deaf and hard-of-hearing is available in both of our Sunday morning worship services. We provide these services during the congregational singing, communion meditation as well as the sermon. When you visit, please let an usher know that you would like ASL interpretation. Please email us your inquiries related to our ministry to the deaf and hard-of-hearing in the Hampton Roads community.

Kempsville Christian Church
5424 Parliament Dr., Virginia Beach, 23462
Office Phone: 757-490-3925
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Josh Childress
FIA Email:

We are a group of Christians who believe God’s word is for everyone no matter what disability they may have and that everyone should be able to worship God freely. Members are middle school and high school students and adults of any age. This group typically meets the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mondays of each month.

The Chosen Ministry
hosted at Church of the Holy Family
1279 N. Great Neck Rd. Virginia Beach, 23454
Office Phone: 757-342-8540
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Suzie Stefonowich
FIA Email:

We consider it a privilege and a direct call from God to offer a place for worship for all of God’s children. Our Special Needs Ministry is dedicated to serving individuals of all ages with disabilities as well as their families. We recognize the value of each person regardless of their physical or mental disability. We provide a safe, loving, Christ-centered program for the special needs child or adult while parent(s) and siblings attend worship. If you are a family looking for a safe place to worship, a homebound person who cannot get to services, or know of any individuals who may be interested, please contact Kim Coyle to receive more information. Our Special Needs Classroom will be staffed on Sunday mornings during the 11:15 service, beginning September 8th, for any person needing special attention

Bayside Presbyterian Church
1400 Ewell Rd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Office Phone: 757-460-1188
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Lacy Schimmel
FIA Email:

Mental Health Ministry: Our goal is to educate and draw awareness to mental health and to better support our families who are dealing with mental health concerns.

King’s Grant Presbyterian Church
745 Little Neck Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Office Phone: 757-340-2840
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Amanda Pine
FIA Email:
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Gretchen Allmond, 340-2840 ext. 11