Christ the Redeemer Church
427 W. 37th St., Norfolk 23508
Office Phone: 757-226-8700
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Jennifer Brown
FIA Email:

Special Friends, Children Special Education: We currently attempt to integrate each child when appropriate into a Bible Study classroom with his/her peers. Upon availability and necessity we partner children with an adult “buddy” to assist the current teachers in teaching each child about the love of Jesus. We recently have begun a special education class at 11:00am every other week for children who benefit from a more specialized classroom environment. When you first register, we rely on you to let us know of your child’s special needs. We may ask your child to participate in a four-week pull-out class. This allows us time to understand your child’s needs and to arrange a “buddy” to work with your child if appropriate.
Adult Special Education Bible Study: Meets at 11:00am for adults with disabilities
American Sign Language Interpretation is available for the 9:30am service.
First Support Encouragement Groups are available for a variety of needs including Seizure Disorders and Parkinson’s disease.
Please call Rev. Brett Carroll at 757-461-3226 to discuss available groups, dates and times. All encouragement groups are safe, Christ-centered, and designed to assist you in becoming everything in life that God wants you to be.

First Baptist Church of Norfolk
312 Kempsville Road, Norfolk 23502
Office Phone: 757-461-3226
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Beth G. Simpkins
Minister of Childhood Development
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Kristina Foster
Recharge Respite Program Leader
FIA Email:

We’re pleased to present our newest, ground-breaking ministry here at NBC–it’s the “ACCESSS CLASS” for adults with special learning needs. This bible study class is designed to offer a specialized training to give increased access to God’s truth and the glory of the gospel. Norview is very blessed to have a certified Special Education teacher leading the class. Our “ACCESS CLASS” is an outreach of inclusion, that is, reaching out to our special needs community in Christian love and compassion. Class begins at 9 am, concluding at 10:30 am. Additionally, all class members as well as their families, friends and staff are welcome and encouraged to attend the regular worship service at 10:45 am. The “ACCESS CLASS” helps learners understand how God’s presence can be seen in their lives and what it truly means to be a Christian.

Norview Baptist Church
1127 Norview Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23513
Phone: 757-855-3369
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Kate Minnick
FIA Email:

We strive to be an inclusive, welcoming parish.
All school aged children are encouraged to participate in the religious education program. Students with learning differences or in need of special accommodations can be taught individually or in a full inclusion setting, depending on the needs of the child. All people, including adults with developmental, cognitive or physical disabilities, are welcome and encouraged to participate in all ministries of the parish.

Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church
6400 Newport Ave., Norfolk
Office Phone: 757-282-8000
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Karen Jackson, Parish Advocate
FIA Email:

St. Mary’s Basilica is an inclusive, welcoming congregation that encourages all to participate in all aspects of our community. We provide ASL Interpretation at the Sunday 9:00 am Mass. Please contact us with any other accessibility needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Basilica of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception
232 Chapel Street, Norfolk
Office Phone: 757-622-4487
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Mrs. Barbara Wright
Director of Christian Formation

We are “A neighborhood church with a heart for the world.” We are a vibrant, inclusive parish and strive to be a place of hope for all people. Our building has a number of accommodations for people with physical disabilities, including designated space in the sanctuary, a hearing loop, and large print prayer books. Our volunteers are prepared to welcome and work with any children who need special assistance. We also have a special communion set designed for people with developmental disabilities that we are happy to share with other communities.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
1009 W. Princess Anne Rd. Norfolk, VA 23507
Office phone: 622-5530
FIA: Rev. Andie Wigodsky Rohrs

We are a vibrant, egalitarian, Conservative Jewish congregation, striving to meet the spiritual, educational, life cycle and social needs of our diverse membership. Through fulfillment of mitzvot, we provide opportunities for meaningful living for our synagogue memebership.

Temple Israel
7255 Granby Street, Norfolk
Office Phone: 757-489-4550
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Rabbi Michael Panitz
FIA Email:

We do not have one specific program but try to include everyone in all aspects of ministry. We have a hearing assistance program with transmitters for individual use and have large print bulletins and hymnals for people who are visually impaired. We are wheelchair accessible with two elevators and ramps and we also accommodate people with any other special needs.

First Lutheran Church
1301 Colley Ave., Norfolk 23517
Office Phone: 757-625-1953
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Lisa Geiger
FIA Email:

We are a welcoming congregation that embraces “Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.” In addition to community outreach in the form of food and clothing ministries, tutoring at-risk youth, and overnight shelter for the homeless, Wesley Grace has a long history of welcoming people with disabilities. The church is handicap accessible, and hearing devices are available in the sanctuary as well as floor space for those in wheel chairs. The Happy Hour Class, established in 1967 for adults with cognitive disabilities, meets on Sunday mornings during the 11 a.m. worship hour. It is a time of socialization and learning about God through faith-based crafts and art. On all fifth Sundays, the class takes part in the worship service as acolytes and taking up the offering. Three dances a year are scheduled in the church fellowship hall for the class and their friends.

Wesley Grace United Methodist Church
288 East Little Creek Road, Norfolk, VA 23505
Office Phone: 757-587-2996
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Gray Puryear
FIA Email:

Crossroads Church offers a monthly support group for parents raising children with disabilities called Living in Holland. The group currently meets on the 4th or 5th Monday of the month, September through June. Crossroads Church has a buddy ministry on Sunday mornings offering one to one partnering with children who have special needs at the 9:00 am service.

Crossroads Church
1127 Surrey Crescent
Norfolk, VA 23508
Office phone: (757) 961-0350
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Katie Moorman
FIA Phone Number: 757-512-4193

We believe every child has been created by God and can know Him. For children with special physical or mental challenges who need individual assistance in order to fully participate, every effort is made to connect each child with a Buddy who will assist him or her during programming. This is a deliberate process, taking into consideration the needs of the child and concerns of the parents in order to make the best match between each child and Buddy. Due to this process, it may be necessary for a family to wait until just the right volunteer is found. Services on Sunday, 9:15 am and 11:00 am.

Grace Bible Church
1121 E. Little Creek Rd., Norfolk, 23518
Office Phone: 757-496-5700
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Krissy Urich
FIA email:

Tabernacle Church provides a buddy system for children needing assistance during the religious education classes. Please contact Rachael Foster at the church phone number to discuss your child’s needs.

Tabernacle Church of Norfolk
7000 Granby Street, Norfolk
Office Phone: 757-440-8224
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Rachael Foster
FIA Email:

We are a group of Christians who believe God’s word is for everyone no matter what disability they may have and that everyone should be able to worship God freely. There are no age restrictions. Currently members that attend are from 14-45. This group typically meets at 6:30 pm on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mondays of each month for refreshments, socializations and sharing good things that have happened to members since our last meeting. Usually there will be some dancing, games, and crafts and then a time of worship where leaders in conjunction with members will share God’s word so that all will understand. Most nights will include praise worship music, ending with prayer requests and final announcements. Please visit our website for more information on outings scheduled throughout the year.

The Chosen Ministry
We meet at Azalea Baptist Church
3314 E. Little Creek Rd.
Norfolk, VA 23518
Phone: 757-646-9315
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Gypsy Steel
FIA Email:
FIA Phone Number: 757-663-2686

Our vision at Calvary Revival Church is to “build an overcoming church out of broken lives through the power of Jesus Christ.” Our mission for all: We exist to help people Know God, Discover Purpose, Live Generously and Make a Difference. Our church provides discipleship to individuals and families from diverse backgrounds and abilities and makes every effort to meet the needs of all who come through our doors. Our children’s ministry, now known as Revival Kids welcomes and serves all children from infancy through high school, including those who are “differently-abled” and features a team of volunteers whose sole purpose is to show love, minister and make their time of worship and learning the best hour of their week! For children (and parents) who require additional support, we have “God’s Krew” (spelling is intentional). This class has a dedicated staff and a sensory friendly environment where children with unique needs and abilities can learn to know and love Jesus.

Calvary Revival Church
5755 Poplar Hall Drive
Norfolk, VA 23502
Office phone: (757) 321-9700
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Carolyn Cage
FIA Email:
FIA Phone Number: 757-403-0015

We at Trinity support the mission and vision of Faith Inclusion Network. We are an inclusive and accessible congregation seeking to welcome all persons affected by disability and their families. Please feel free to contact our Faith Inclusion Advocate if you have questions about our congregation or would like assistance with accommodations. Currently we provide “shadowing” for any child that needs help during Sunday School and children’s church. We seek to provide accommodations necessary for adults and children to participate in worship and the community life of church. In addition, we also host a respite day on Saturday afternoons, four times a year for children who have disabilities and their siblings. Contact Rebecca Howell for details

Trinity Presbyterian Church
1600 Colonial Ave., Norfolk
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Rebecca Howell
FIA Phone: 757-816-5008
FIA Email:

We provide an inclusion setting for children with disabilities and provide assistants if necessary.

First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk
820 Colonial Ave., Norfolk
Office Phone: 757-625-1697
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Dana Blair Carroll
FIA Phone: 757-651-1137
FIA Email:
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Jennifer Reasor
FIA Phone: 757-623-4101
FIA Email:

We are your Second family, where we emphasize the importance of worshiping, doing mission work, growing spiritually and playing together. We are an inclusive church that provides nursery, youth and teen programs, along with intergenerational worship opportunities. Our facilities and restrooms are easily accessible, our sanctuary’s sound system includes personal hearing devices, and our library offers many resources-including a Braille Bible-that are helpful for those with developmental, cognitive or physical disabilities. Our mission partners have included a variety of agencies that work with individuals who have a variety of challenges. In addition, our facility houses both the Faith Inclusion Network (FIN) and Tidewater Pastoral Counseling Services (TPCS). All are welcome and encouraged to participate at Second.

Second Presbyterian Church of Norfolk
7305 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23505
Office Phone: 757-423-2822
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Lori Crouch
FIA Phone: 757-577-2503
FIA Email: