Program: King's Kids: Children with Special Needs
We currently integrate each child when appropriate into a Bible Study classroom with his/her peers. We partner children with a “buddy” to assist the current teachers in teaching each child about the love of Jesus.
The self-contained environment is a class that provides a smaller class size and an opportunity for more one-on-one interaction. One of the goals of the Preschool & Children’s Ministry at Liberty is to teach all of God’s children about the love of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the King’s Kids Self Contained program is equipped with appropriate curriculum, learning centers, and manipulatives to effectively meet the spiritual needs of each child for those who need to stay in a self-contained environment. From ages 3-18.

Program: Adult Bible Fellowship "Happy Class"
Liberty Baptist Church has had a ministry for special needs adults for over 30 years. The core of the ministry is the Adult Bible Fellowship (traditional Sunday School hour), which is referred to as “Happy Class”. There are currently three different classes, two meeting from 9:15-10:30 AM, and another that meets from 10:45 AM - 12 PM. Class members attending the early Bible Fellowship hour have the option of going to the 11 AM worship service, or remaining in class where they can have a light refreshment and participate in a variety of supervised crafts and games. Most of those attending the later Bible Fellowship hour attend the 9:15 AM worship service. The classes are organized according to student capability. Non-verbal and very limited students meet during the early hour, and the most advanced (some of the students able to read) meeting in the later hour. The students with capabilities falling between the two, typically attend an earlier Sunday School and later worship service. Liberty Baptist Church considers it a privilege to serve the Peninsula community in this way as we minister the love of Jesus Christ to this exceptional group of people and families.

Liberty Baptist Church
1021 Big Bethel Road
Hampton VA 23666
Website: www.libertylive.com
Office Phone: 826-2110 ext. 315
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Sonya Boyd, Kidville Administrative Assistant
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): John Soper
FIA Phone: 660-238-4162
FIA Email: Soper5@cox.net

We strive to welcome every person regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. We recognize we have much to learn from all of God's children and look forward to including you in our faith community.

St. John's Episcopal Church
100 Queens Way, Hampton 23669
Website: www.stjohnshampton.org
Office Phone: 757-722-2567
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Pastor Samantha Vincent-Alexander
FIA Email: sjrector@stjohnshampton.org

Our heartfelt desire is that all God's children have access to a safe place for worship, fellowship and to learn about God. We are handicap accessible, with wide aisles and seating for mobility devices. We provide large print bulletins, devotionals, bibles and other visually enlarged items, along with hearing assistance devices. Our educational and nursery staff are disability friendly. If you are looking for a welcoming church, please visit us or give us a call.

Saint Paul Lutheran Church
807 West Mercury Blvd., Hampton 23666
Website: www.stpaulshampton.org
Office Phone: 757-838-2636
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Pastor Tim Crummitt
Faith Inclusion Advocate (FIA): Sue Clemens
FIA Email: stpauls_hampton@verizon.net