Our goal is to connect people with disabilities and their families to faith communities that are welcoming and genuinely want to include everyone.
We also want to help faith communities become more inclusive by connecting them with resources and providing networking opportunities at conferences and meetings throughout the year.
Letter from the Director
Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Faith Inclusion Network of Hampton Roads, VA website. Here we hope you will find local and national resources, a listing of local inclusive faith communities you may like to visit and inspiration in your efforts to include people with disabilities into the life of your congregations. Whatever or whoever brings you to this site, we hope to help you in some way to learn more about faith inclusion and perhaps even encourage you to become a part of our active, interfaith, non-profit organization.

This 2016-17 academic year is an exciting one for Faith Inclusion Network with changes to the organization that will increase our effectiveness in the community. A new FIN office at Second Presbyterian Church, Norfolk, and a new Director of the Peninsula area, Ms. Hollie Stephens, in addition to a strong effort to organize formal membership in Faith Inclusion Network are all on the horizon. And to add to the excitement, 2017 marks our 10th anniversary as an organization working in Hampton Roads! If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to participate in events or be a part of our regional effort to make our faith communities more inclusive, this is a great year to start!
Thank you for checking in to our website. Should you have questions, would like to request a presentation for your congregation or are in need of consultation on issues of faith and disability, we are happy to help. We also encourage anyone from outside Hampton Roads, Virginia interested in learning about how to develop their own FIN chapter to please feel free to email or give us a call.

Karen Jackson
Director, Faith Inclusion Network

The World Health Organization estimates that 2 of every 10 children in the developing world are disabled either physically, intellectually or both. Most of the children who have special needs world-wide are not registered at birth, and have no official or legal status– they may not be counted, but they still count. Special Hope Network is a faith-based organization working in Zambia, Africa that was created to encourage, support, and train existing programs. We also provide economic solutions to address the needs of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Zambian community. We are looking for partners in this mission:

Are you ready to help? www.specialhopenetwork.com


Faith communities, service providers, businesses, families and individuals make up our diverse network, an interfaith collation of people supporting the vision to make faith accessible to all.

Please visit the “Faith Communities” page for detailed information about our faith communities and their programs. You can find information about our network “Service Providers” on the Resource page. All of these organizations have shown a commitment to supporting inclusive congregations by participating in FIN events or having established inclusive programs and/or disability advocates in place.

If your faith community or service provider organization shares our mission and would like to be included on our website,
please contact us at kjackson@faithinclusionnetwork.org.