Our goal is to connect people with disabilities and their families to faith communities that are welcoming and genuinely want to include everyone.
We also want to help faith communities become more inclusive by connecting them with resources and providing networking opportunities at conferences and meetings throughout the year.
Letter from the Director
Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Faith Inclusion Network of Hampton Roads, VA website. Here we hope you will find local and national resources, a listing of local inclusive faith communities you may like to visit and inspiration in your efforts to include people with disabilities into the life of your congregations. Whatever or whoever brings you to this site, we hope to help you in some way to learn more about faith inclusion and perhaps even encourage you to become a part of our active, interfaith, non-profit organization.

Some of the highlights of FIN’s 2017-18 season will include an Autism and Faith Workshop in October, our bi-annual community awareness of fundraising gala, Gifts of the Heart Celebration in January 2018 and our second Faith and Mental Health Workshop in May 2018.
In addition to these wonderful events, we also look forward to working with faith communities around Hampton Roads to support and encourage their inclusion and integration efforts and continuing the development of Pathways to Powerful Inclusion, a curriculum guide for inclusive ministry.

Thank you for checking in to our website. Should you have questions, would like to request a presentation for your congregation or are in need of consultation on issues of faith and disability, we are happy to help. We also encourage anyone from outside Hampton Roads, Virginia interested in learning about how to develop their own FIN chapter to please feel free to email or give us a call.

Karen Jackson
Executive Director of FIN

Michelle Munger
Director of the Peninsula Area

Faith Inclusion Network Membership

In January, 2017, FIN established our first formal membership circles to help support and sustain the work of the organization. Thank you to all our Friends and Family Circle Members as well as those who support at the Inspiration ($100-$499), Partner ($500-$999) and Visionary Circle Levels ($1000+).

Visionary Circle

Rev. Dr. Craig Wansink
Christian Psychotherapy Services
Second Presbyterian Church, Norfolk
Anonymous Donor

Partners Circle

David and Elizabeth Foster
Rosemarie Hughes
Susan Meredith
Blythe and Charles Watkins
Community Direct Services
Hoy Construction

Inspiration Circle

Marie Callaham
Katherine and Joel English
Rachel Greenberg
Angela Hill
Karen and Scott Jackson
Ed Johnson
Amy Pucci
Jeff Turner
Jay and Carolyn Weigner
Dale and Diane White
Enoch Baptist Church, VB
Hope House
Good Samaritan Episcopal Church
Support Services of Virginia
SPRED Partners of VA
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Norfolk
Volunteers of American, VB
Wesley Memorial UMC, Norfolk
John Koehler Publishing

For more information on how to become a member and the benefits,
go to our Membership Page.